1880s Wells Fargo Express Box

//1880s Wells Fargo Express Box

1880s Wells Fargo Express Box

This RARE and GENUINE, 19th. C. 1880s Wells Fargo Express Co. box remains in 100% original untouched condition including its strong original blue paint. This box was made for Wells Fargo by a Buffalo NY Co. makers name and address is stenciled on the inside cover, “MANFD BY GEO C LANKIER BUFFALO NY BOX # 18563” and was found in a barn in W. Massachusetts. As one would expect with both a box this size and for the type of usage that was expected of it by a company with very high standards, this box was built like a vault. Its hand forged iron straps, hinges and reinforced sides and corners are hot riveted on. The box was painted and stenciled with the Wells Fargo Express Co. name “before” the box was assembled. The heavy spring loaded locking hasp is also hand forged, a beautiful piece of work all in itself. Spring loaded so it remains closed even without a lock. This rare box is 100% original and authenticated by a San Francisco collector of Wells Fargo…This box was used on trains and freight wagons..You won’t find a better and safer investment than this box. The paint remains strong at 90+%. . Opportunities to buy original Wells Fargo Express pieces like this are few and far between. The box weighs close to 100 lbs, I will help locate a shipping co. for you. Authenticity, as with all my inventory, 100% Reduced from $3500, $2275.00


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