Here is a stunning Vermont dresser made around 1820, signed on the back in script by the maker with a price of $4.50…I refinished this piece several years ago. It was bought out of a very early home in Arlington, Vt. where it had acquired several coats of heavy lead white paint and the drawers were worn out, inside and out. After 125 hrs of work this was what was waiting to be discovered. I removed each layer of paint with a heat gun, no stripper was used, the drawers rebuilt and work as they had almost 200 years ago. The white porcelain pulls are original. The top back splash and 2 drawers are solid tiger maple, the bottoms are solid birds eye maple, no veneer! The incredibly lovely red surface you see today is what lay beneath that last layer of white paint , 100% original with no over paint. Signed Vermont pieces are rare to find today, mostly in museums local to the builders area, etc. This has been in my personal collection since it was restored. A true piece of Vermont craftsmanship from around 1820, almost 200 years old..
$4500.00 obro