cabin made child’s rocking chair

//cabin made child’s rocking chair

cabin made child’s rocking chair

Here’s a little 17th C child’s rocker made by someone with no chair building skills except a desire to make a chair for a very special little someone. . ┬áThis represents a time when not only didn’t people have the extra money to buy things but also a time that there were no furniture outlets. Whatever furniture that was found within the home was most likely all hand made from whatever local material was at hand, mostly maple as what’s found in this chair. This thing is primitive, its is lovely, it is special and it is, one of a kind…. You can even still find traces of paint highlights where the maker tried to decorate parts of it. After seeing the photo’s I think you’ll agree, this would be called, “cabin made”. Someone probably sat by the fire at night after a day in the fields and supper, whittling down the spindles, hand shaping the seat, adding a little paint highlights.. I wish I could of seen that little someone rocking by the hearth.




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