• Rare 1820 F.S Fox Athens, NY one of a kind decoration -Cavalier King Charles $1675.00
  • Very rare and beautiful 3 gal jug made by the Frederick Carpenter pottery in Charlestown, Ma. Dates to around 1812-1820. Today the referent term for these are, ¬†Charlestown pieces. ¬†The brown glaze was called "rust decorated". It also was decorated with a early colonial image of a Christmas tree, a good luck symbol. Does have a very old crack all the way in the back which ends well before reaching the bottom or the neck area. Other than that, this is a beautiful and extraordinary example of early Boston stoneware pottery. $525.00
  • L Norton& Son, Bennington, Vt. Loomis lived in Williamstown, Ma., {my home town as well as my families home for the last 147 years} before moving his family 20 miles north into Vt. where he began his pottery business. This sweet little 1 gal. jug, beautiful in its ovoid form carries one of the earlest bennington marks after bringing s son into the business. This little jug is flawless. $225.00